About the service

We offer independent quality control services throughout the entire supply chain. With offices globally we are able to represent you with local and knowledgeable people that truly understand fruits and vegetables.

We are experts in handling the fruits and vegetables you trade and take care of your Quality Control needs from field to fork. Whether this is at the plantation, packing house, port of load, port of discharge, cooled warehouse or retailer does not matter to us; our presence throughout the entire supply chain makes us the right business partner to manage your product quality, food safety and certification needs. 

With our significant experience and successful track record in fruit inspections, certifications, cold chain logistics, lab analysis and relevant quality processes we provide product expertise and knowledge both at harvest and post-harvest. We continuously focus on ensuring our services meet the highest delivery standards, thereby giving you control of your supply chain. With an increasing desire and importance of Quality Control in the food industry we can accommodate to your needs by representing you and your product as an independent and international third party service provider.  

Our global presence enables us to provide Quality Control services all over the world, with a single point of contact for all your questions, enquiries and problems. Our type of quality control services include: pre-shipment inspections, inspections upon arrival, sampling & sealing services, lab analysis, stock/inventory checks and damage surveys. We are also able to provide consultancy services and customer tailored services upon request.

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